Jacuzzi Ll

Jacuzzi Ll
When you go to a spa, would be wearing a bathsuit, wrapped a towel or be totally nude?

how many people would comfortable to go nude?
When you are, in the jacuzzi, sauna or steambath, would be wearing a bathsuit, wrapped a towel or be totally nude?

for me, I’ll be all nude

I’m a Malaysian. It depends on the places, some spas in Malaysia allowed you to be nude in the lockers room and in the spa area. In some places, they won’t allowed. But if it allowed, I rather go nude. But in a sauna/steam room, it depends on the people inside sharing the sauna with me…..if they don’t mind seeing my body while sitting opposite them.
Sometimes I even lie down (face down) naked in the sauna, hoping if they don’t mind that my butt exposed.

Yes, I rather taking the shower in the nude than wearing bathsuit, even the stall showers area is open.

You know what, sometimes I even go the loo (of course in all ladies spa) completely naked and leaves the door open. I don’t mind there are other guest pass by, saw me peeing. It is natural for me, as long the spa attendant doesn’t stop me from doing that.

If you notice in most spas, the showers area does not have any doors or curtains. This means they can expect you taking a shower in front of others, nude.
It is very common nowadays.

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