Storm Spa

Storm Spa
Best country to spend Christmas in?

I’m travelling and i need a good, safe and festive place to spend an awesome Christmas relatively cheaply…

I’m thinking Spain?

I was actually thinking of advising you on some great and favourite destinations in Spain, then it hit me…How about heading down to Africa??? I know this may sound like a stretch but just think about it…Tropical beaches, generous sunshine, and yes, over Christmas, it won’t be snowing – not in Africa!! Of your considerations, good is a check, safe as well, and festive, well, you can only give it a whole new definition when yo head down to Africa. This really sounds like an idea…right? For some of your hotel options, I would suggest you check out

Now onto Spain.
Allow me to suggest Hotel Ra and Spa at the Beach Thalasso…and with reason!
Spain is a city where style matters and Christmas down there should be nothing short of stylish!
The Hotel Ra overlooks the Mediterranean waters at Beach Thalasso where you can enjoy activities such as outdoor swimming, sailing (oh and this is really going to take you by storm! The waters are just awesome) , water-sports, kayaking… And if you miss the indoors, then indoor swimming is there too, as well as a great swimming pool, an exquisite spa, and yes, a Thalasso center!
Sport is no exception either, where you can do it the golf way, tennis, or horse riding.
I don’t need to mention about their wide range of cuisines and especially Spanish cuisine!!
Enough said, this is surely a plot. You can get details on how to get there from the airport and booking information at :

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