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7 Ways To Get A Great Massage At Home

Once you’ve tried getting a home service for a hot stone therapy, it’s difficult to make yourself go back to a spa or massage center. Having the therapy done right inside your home seems more sensible than hopping back into your car and subjecting yourself to road stress after a relaxing trip to the spa.

However, there are some drawbacks to home massage since unlike a spa or massage center which has facilities and an ambience designed specifically to optimize the benefits of massage, your home may not be able to provide the same.

Fortunately, with these simple tips you can turn your home massage into a blissful experience:

1. Find a skilful and trustworthy therapist. Having another person touch you already involves major trust issue, what more having that person enter your home? This is why it’s crucial that you find someone who has efficient educational background, specialized training and sufficient experience on hot stone therapy to acquire a good quality massage. More importantly, your therapist should be someone you can trust. Getting recommendations from family and friends is often a good way to find the right therapist.

2. Get yourself ready before the therapist comes over. Relaxing is one of the most important preparation methods. Don’t try to finish a load of laundry or a pile of paper work before your session. Unwind by taking a warm bath or by meditating. Also, don’t eat a full meal at least one hour before your appointment for this will make you feel bloated and make it hard for you to relax. If you have to eat, stick with only light snacks.

3. Remember to set up enough time and space for each session. A massage table is ideal but a bed will also do. Make sure you give your therapist ample space to place her supplies as well as enough room to move around without having to bump into furniture.

4. Create a relaxing ambience. Dim the lights and put on some soothing music. Lighting up some scented candles will also help create a calming surrounding. The pleasurable sensation of a massage is heightened by activating the sense of smell and hearing through candles and music.

5. Turn off distractions such as television and telephone. Interruptions like the ringing of a phone or a loud sound from the television can surely ruin a perfect massage experience.

6. The massage area should only be reserved for adults. This may be impossible for parents who do not have anyone to leave their kids with. But letting kids play in another room and giving some treats for them to let you have some quiet time can do the trick.

7. You can chat with your therapist if you feel like opening up a conversation but don’t feel that it’s compulsory. If you want to indulge on the massage quietly, there’s nothing wrong with that. Your therapist will respect your decision.

8. After the session, you don’t have to immediately get off the table. It is recommended to allow yourself to have some down time to rest and relax to further enhance the therapeutic benefits of the therapy. To save yourself the trouble of getting up to pay or the therapist from having to wait until you wake up from your nap, it is advised to make your payment prior to the massage.

Having a home massage is truly a great experience. With these tips kept in mind, you can have the benefits of a hot stone therapy without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Mary Singleton regularly writes for TIR Massage Stone, the leading hot stone massage supplies provider. They carry products such as massage stones, as well as many other many other accessories for hot and cold stone therapy.

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