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Should You Invest in a Reynolds Vacuum Sealer?

Reynolds has had a reputation for decades as one of the most respected manufacturers of food storage products. One of the handiest products manufactured by Reynolds is the Reynolds vacuum sealer, the Handi-Vac. This sealer enables foods to remain fresh and extends the shelf life of foods. The best advantage of the Handi-Vac is that the vacuum sealer is effortless to handle as well.

The Handi-Vac vacuum sealer is an appliance that revolutionizes the way people use vacuum sealers. Instead of needing to work next to a mounted sealer, the user can just take the Handi-Vac vacuum sealer and use it on a Handi-Vac freezer bag. The appliance is used to apply heat in order to get the bag to be tight and then expel the air from the bag.

An air valve exclusive to the Handi-Vac vacuum sealer works to help with removing the air that is inside the sealed area of the bag. Because of this, freezer burn shall be reduced and the food will stay fresh longer.

The method that is employed for sealing in freshness through the use of the vacuum sealer is easy. First, contents are placed in the bag. Next, the bag is laid spread out on a table and examined to be certain that no contents are past the ”fill to here” line on the Handi-Vac bag. Then, the sealer tip is placed flat against the air valve and the “on” button is pressed. When the bag is tight around the food, the machine is shut off and the food is put immediately into the freezer.

One of the best advantages of the Handi-Vac vacuum sealer is that it is priced well below other vacuum sealers. The Handi-Vac costs somewhere near ten dollars on average. What’s more, the Handi-Vac works in less time than other sealers. It can take seconds to work its magic on a typical gallon sized bag.

Bags for the Handi-Vac sealer may also be easily purchased at places where the Handi-Vac sealer can be found. The bags usually cost approximately $3.29 for a set of fourteen quart bags or nine gallon bags.

It is worth mentioning that these bags can be resealed for future use. However, they can not be used again after all of the food has been removed for the reason that the bag is not designed to be cleaned. The bags are made with no Teflon or PTFE materials, nor are any carcinogens in these bags. The bags are also certified kosher.

The Reynolds Handi-Vac vacuum sealer is a great food storage method to use in your kitchen. The Handi-Vac vacuum sealer is affordable and is effortless to use. This Reynolds product can be bought at most kitchenware stores in addition to the replacement bags which go with it.

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