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Shower Showers

Supreme Duck Baby Shower Cake By Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Corner Stork Baby Gifts & More Company Profile?

Corner Stork Baby Gifts & More is a premier online baby gift shop. Who like you, the Atlanta based mommies at Corner Stork Baby Gifts is more than qualified to know your needs when it comes to baby showers and birthdays. Because typical online baby gift websites were nothing special and very run of the mill quality, they decided to formulate and create their own site instead. Tired of asking yourself where is all the special stuff? Where is the adorable and unique gifts we had seen in boutiques? Look no further.

With the convenience of being an online store, Corner Stork handpicks a wide selection that meets all your baby shower needs. They carefully handpicked the best of bath toys to the room decor, clothing that is personalized, and also searching out all the best vendors around the world. Every product has been road-test by their own babies. On top of that they made sure that the prices you see on their store is absolutely the most competitive. Below is an example of a product that they offer.

Supreme Duck Baby Shower Cake

The Supreme Duck baby shower cake is a master peice and very unique and creative. Add this to your baby shower and you will have an instant hit and it will likely become the center of attention aside from the mother-to-be. Bolstering a height of 32″ and loaded with many ingredients, the Supreme Duck Baby Shower Cake is sure to impress. The cake is sure to please everyone and their appetites. This cake can easily be center peice of your baby shower or a gift to a mother-to-be that will definitely blow the others away.

What’s in the Supreme Duck Baby Shower Cake Secret Recipe?

The Supreme Duck Baby Shower Cake Secret Recipe consists of the following:

  • 100% Cotton Gown
  • Hat
  • Hooded Terry Towel
  • Receiving Blanket
  • Booties
  • Bib
  • Terry Toy
  • 4 Diapers
  • J&J Lotion
  • Shampoo
  • Powder
  • Soap
  • A Dash of Love

All in all the Duck Baby Shower Cake can be used as the decoration at your baby shower or a beautiful gift to the mother-to-be, either way it will surely be an attention grabber and will soon be the center of attention at a party.

More Information About the Supreme Duck Baby Shower Cake

So whether you are the mother-to-be, the host, or looking for the perfect gift to wow the party then you should check Corner Stork Baby Gifts and look at the Supreme Duck Baby Shower Cake. This cake is unique and sure to please and impress everyone in attendance at the baby shower.


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