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Trying To Find A UK Electric Bed? Here’s An Informative FAQ

Q. What’s an electric bed?

A. A UK electric bed is a bed whereby the positioning may be altered by utilizing an electric hand device, parallel to the form of bed you see inside a hospital. The head and foot may be separately operated to offer a customised position that could assist to ease the hurt of muscle and bone aches and pains.

Electric Bed UK

Q. How precisely does an electric bed operate?

A. An electric bed features a series of motors set up inside the frame, generally at least four. This makes it possible for the person to set any one of around 1000 possible positions for head, torso, upper legs and lower legs. Even though most adjustable beds transform only the position of the mattress, some specialised versions permit the individual to alter the height as too. This makes it very simple to exit and enter this kind of bed.

Q. Wouldn’t electric beds require a good deal of electricity?

A. No. The motors inside the bed are extremely energy proficient and need the smallest volume possible of electricity to alter the mattress position or bed height.

Q. Won’t electric beds require particular wiring and additionally have particular power demands?

A. No. Electric beds use common household electric energy. For basic safety, the motors are completely insulated.

Electric Bed UK

Q. Can an electric bed have room for two individuals?

A. Indeed. You will find double types that have two separate frames that enable each occupant to adjust their side of the bed as required. One bed occupant may be in a reclining position although another sits up to read or enjoy television.

Q. Is there an alternative to an modifiable height electric bed?

A. Sure. It is achievable incorporate a power lifter that has a scissors-type lift to move up and let down the bed.

Q. Does an electric bed incorporate cumbersome cables?

A. Some models do, but better beds have a layout whereby the functioning mechanism is completely contained within the frame and is not visible.

Q. Does an electric bed have a remote control?

A. Of course. Some types have a standard wired remote, though the more sophisticated electric beds are managed by means of wireless infra-red remote control.

Q. Is there an electric bed model for those with extreme mobility complications?

A. Yes. Numerous kinds of mobility troubles may be resolved by incorporating a tailored electric bed.

Q. What kind of mattress is utilized on an electric bed?

A. Electric beds demand a special variety of mattress that is specifically designed to flex into the different poses of the bed. Mattresses are produced from either the favoured memory foam, reflex foam or customised pocket sprung designs.

Q. Isn’t memory foam excessively hot and unpleasant?

A. Memory foam warms only to body temperature. For additional comfort and ease, some individuals utilize a washable cover as well as a specific absorbent pad which is also washable.

Electric Bed UK

Q. What about the service guarantee?

A. Numerous memory foam mattresses come with a 5-year service guarantee.

When looking for a UK electric bed, it pays to know how they work, what their features are and also the details of the service guarantee or warranty.

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