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Organizing A Children’s Sleepover Party

Children of all sorts of ages will enjoy inviting friends to visit and spend a night. Next time your child invites someone over, why not make it a special event and prepare a sleepover party? Transforming a simple sleepover into an interesting and engaging party can be fast, straightforward, and not too pricey. Here are a number of helpful hints you can use to add a little bit of sparkle the next time your child invites a single friend, or a few friends, to stay over.

Creative Party Snack Foods

Great snack foods seem to always be an essential aspect of the traditional sleepover party. It is tough to go wrong with the time-tested choices of popcorn, pizza and cookies. Nevertheless, you can add a bit more life to the party by having the kids participate in the snack-making process. Make a large batch of pizza dough ahead of time, stock up on pizza sauce, pepperoni and other pizza fixings, and let each child assemble their own custom-made pie. Or, make a great big batch of cookie dough and let everybody take part in the cookie-making process. Capturing these fun cooking moments with your camera is a necessity, because showing off a few of these treasured memories in unique photo frames could be a very heart warming way to decorate your kitchen walls.

Picking a Party Theme

If you think that party themes are merely for birthday celebrations, think again. You can add a lot of fun and enthusiasm to a child’s sleepover party simply by incorporating a theme. For example, a movie party theme can be a lot of fun. You may plan ahead of time what movie you will watch, and then create unique invitations looking like movie tickets to send out to all your guests. Incorporate fun elements like paper popcorn bags filled with popcorn, a selection of fun theater candy, and folding chairs arranged in such a way that they look like movie theater seating. Embellish the room with movie posters showcased on the walls. If posters for the movie you are viewing that night aren’t easily accessible, then just put together some of your own. A jacuzzi party can be a lot of fun for older girls, or arrange a football party on an evening when a big game is going to be aired. You will find without a doubt that with a just a little forethought, any kind of sleepover party will be quite enjoyable.

Making Sure There Are Places To Sleep

If you plan to invite just one kid over for the night, you most likely will not have too much trouble devising comfortable sleeping arrangements. However, if you are planning a sleepover party for multiple children, you might have to get a bit more creative. It might be a good idea to ask each of the children to bring their own sleeping bag. Or maybe, place chair and couch cushions directly on the carpet to create impromptu sleeping pads. Air mattresses, futons or even a mattress from an unused guest bedroom may all be used to add more sleeping space. In any case, you will most likely want to find a way for all of the kids to sleep in the same room, since this is usually what they enjoy the most. If there is a digital camera in your possession, be sure to take some pictures with it through the course of the party. Then print them, place in pretty white picture frames, and give one to each child as a fun keepsake from the party.

Whether it’s a fascinating theme or a creative food, there are a lot of things you can add to a sleepover party to provide some pizzazz, and help it become a fun and memorable event for everyone.

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