Spa Tub

Spa Tub
What age is it safe for a baby/toddler to go in the spa/hot tub?

At what age is it safe for a baby/toddler to go in a spa/hot tub? The temperature is kept between 95*-100*.
yeah, that is why I am asking what age it is safe for a baby/toddler/child to go in….is it safe at a year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years…… Just wondering when it’s safe..

there are no set guidelines, any of the safety regulatory bodies suggest you speak to your doctor, the reason is babies and toddler have such thin skin and are often not able to regulate their body temperatures very well. I myself would not let my child go into a hot tub that was over 98 degrees ever, it can be dangerous for adults to spend more then 10-15 minute in a hot tub that is 99 degrees or warmer. If the temperature was turned down then I would probably let a 3 yr old go in if they wanted to but never for more then 5 minutes at a time. Honestly I don’t even think a 3 yr old would want to be in it though, my son is 6 and he still wont go into my parents hot tub and they keep it below at 95.

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