Hot Tub Universal

Hot Tub Universal
Hot Tub a Lost Cause?

My boyfriend has a hot tub from he 80’s i think its an Esther Williams. It has a melted out control board,the part with all the relays and hot wires. It apparently hasnt workd in years,but he wont get rid of it,either,he’s just like that . My question: can I make lemonade out of this lemon…(err.. not in it..eww).Is there a easy way to replace this main control panel cheaply or would it be a best bet to have it disappear while he’s at work and replaced with a new one? :o) Any websites you can show me that might offer a universal replacement board? I am a mechanically and electronically inclined,but not highly talented. Thanks so much!

Absolutely repair it. Balboa makes a few different replacement packs that are easy to install. The VS series. and you can see them. I do this 3-5 times a week, since the cost of a new pack that comes with a heater and new topside controls sometimes is cheaper then a circuit board. Shop around the net and save money. What you need to know is what your tub has, 1 or 2 pumps, blower etc… Feel free to email a photo and I can easily tell you which one is needed.

Sorry but the answer above mine won’t work, since the manufacture no longer stocks those parts and they aren’t made anymore. Haven’t been for years.

The nice part is you will have a 2-3 year warranty! The pack should be 650-750.

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