Spa Lb

Spa Lb
back to shcool makeover (answer please)?!?

i’m getting a mini makeover and a spa day for my birthday and i was wondering what i should do to make my self over to look prettier
i have kind of low self esteem and i really want to look better, especially for school next year
i have a diamond shaped face, but kind of skinny, straight ash brown hair on my shoulders, dark brown eyes, fair skin, and i’m 15
i’m skinny, 5′ 6″ 126 lb’s, but not bad skinny, i wear hollister all the time, but i’m trying to shop at other stores
so could you please give me makeup tips, haircut pictures, and new stores to shop at and or cute outfits from stores other that hollister
thanks in advance!
if you have any questions abou yourself feel free to ask me or e-mail me becuse i’m good at answering other peoples questions, just not mine haha

I might be able to help you
and im a guy but i know a lot about fashion and stuff (mom’s a stylist)

Ok for the hair i would recommend something like blond highlights and shorter or longer hair. Heres some pics

Ok for your eyes you could use some violet eyeliner

So for clothing i dont wear hollister but i know some good stores, such as American Eagle, Mark Ecko (red), and try New york & co.

Hope this helps 😛

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