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How to clean a bath with massage holes / not jets?

Hi guys! I have just moved in to a shared house and it has a jacuzzi / spa bath. It looks just like a normal bath tub but there are over 100 little tiny holes only a few millimetres in diametre, in circular patterns on the bottom. What type of bath is this? Also, i tried cleaning it and have used every limescale product on the market, but nothing can unblock the holes as they are so small. I have tried sanitiser, and dishwasher tablets, but nothing seems to be working. Some of the little holes are partially unblocked but the flow of water is poor. I don’t have the make or model of the bath to ask the manufacturer? Any ideas on how i would resolve this?
I forgot to add, that warm water comes out of the holes. I don’t think it recirculates the water in the tub??
The holes are only big enough to fit a cocktail stick in. I tried this and it sorted a few of the blockages but not all. This spa has never been used so i think it years of dirt build up.

Have you tried a Q-tip… or a big sewing needle.

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